Precision Engineering Components

JMBTECH has a wide array of precision engineering component made from high quality metal and materials. Using different metals such as carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, non ferrous grades & alloys such as aluminum, copper, brass, plastics of all types, we have put forth this range that is high performing and long lasting. Our job works are used in sintered industries and automobile industries. With a tooling department in addition to the  production, JMBTECH can produce custom-made products in large quantities. Cold forming through deep drawing combines maximum precision with high cost effectiveness in volume production. Based on a product drawing we can make the right tooling for the requested product in short time.

Our Specialty

We are specialized in Precision CNC Machining of complex and very close tolerance components that normal machine shops may and impossible to achieve. To meet the growing demands of industrial sector, we offer precision support unit. Designed with the assistance of our hi-tech machines, these are widely used in precision measurement equipment, high precision and 12 high- speed machines, robots and others. 
Copper Turned Components/ Beryllium Copper Parts
JMBTECH can supply a wide range of Copper CNC Turned components  for  various  electrical  applications  like transformer parts switchgear parts control panels, electrical parts, isolator parts, components for domestic appliances etc. JMBTECH
manufacture a wide range of Beryllium Copper Parts. Copper Precision Components. We manufacture a wide range of Copper Precision Components